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Relocation & Programming 2023

Why is The Salvation Army Belleville Citadel relocating their Community and Family Services from downtown to a new build on their church property?

The Salvation Army Belleville Citadel’s Community and Family Services has noticed a dramatic increase of individuals and families needing support. Last year, 32,000 meals were served and over 4,000 individuals and families were supported through our food bank. Our space in the downtown core is no longer sufficient to meet the growing demand. The decision to relocate our Community and Family Services and expand at 290 Bridge St. W is to further enhance life-changing programs to the community.

Will programming still be delivered to those residing in the downtown area where the Community and Family Services was located?

We remain committed to providing hope to the community. Although the Community and Family Services is relocating to a newly built $2.2 million expansion connected to The Salvation Army Belleville Citadel, a mobile feeding program will provide nutritious meals to those we serve in the downtown area five days a week.

With a newly constructed Community and Family Services will this include a drop-in centre for individuals experiencing homelessness?

We will continue to serve nutritious meals five days a week to those experiencing homelessness in downtown Belleville through our mobile feeding program, and we will deliver a revamped meal program at our new location to help local individuals and families who are struggling with the high cost of living and groceries.


Neighbourhood Impacts


Will encampments be permitted on The Salvation Army Belleville Citadel property once construction of the Community and Family Services is completed?

No. Encampments will not be permitted on The Salvation Army Belleville Citadel property due to health and safety.

Will there be a significant increase in traffic at the new location that will cause disruption to the local community?

Our programs at the new location, including our food bank is based on appointments only. This approach limits lineups and any potential concern for congestion.

Life-changing programs will be delivered to help families, seniors and youth during regular business hours. Our food bank is currently opened 3 days per week: Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 1:00 pm– 4:00 pm, and operating 12 appointment slots per day. This may change depending on need within the community. Fresh food is delivered once a week at 10:00 am. Recycling and waste are collected every second Wednesday. Our mobile food truck will be leaving in the afternoon 5 nights per week to support the most vulnerable in the downtown core and will be returning before 7:00 pm. Other than recycling and waste collection pickup, we do not anticipate any early morning delivery activity.


Will the construction of the expanded Community and Family Services building disrupt traffic or cause noise in the community?

With any construction project, there will be minor increases to traffic and noise during normal business hours. The Salvation Army Belleville Citadel will work with community members and our construction team to minimize any significant disruptions during the planned one-year project timeline. If any residents experience issues or have concerns, we encourage them to contact us directly.


Additional Community Supports


The City of Belleville announced a new health and social service hub – the Bridge. Is The Salvation Army Belleville Citadel part of this?

The recent announcement regarding The Bridge, a new health and social service hub in the downtown core, is a partnership comprising of several key community partner agencies. The Salvation Army Belleville Citadel is not involved or connected to this initiative.

We are an innovative partner and believe the Bridge will provide much needed help to the most vulnerable in the Belleville’s downtown.


Safety & Security


How will you protect our safety?

Our clients are cordial and very grateful for the life-changing support they receive from our programs and services. We don’t not anticipate aggressive behaviour from clients. Our frontline workers and case workers are highly trained in understanding and managing all types of situations before it escalates.

Our parking lot lighting was recently revamped with high output LED bulbs, and security cameras have been installed, and other security measures will be implemented if necessary.

We are committed to protecting the local community and take our role as an innovative partner very seriously.


Can you ensure clients don’t hang around the street?

The Salvation Army Belleville Citadel’s Community and Family Services food security programs are appointment-based and this will minimize the time of day and amount of time spent on the property. Our clients are considerate and understand the new location is not a drop-in centre.

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